"China's government information accessibility service system" It is a one-stop government information accessibility service system with the central people's government as the core and the people's governments at all levels as the support to realize the interconnection of all websites, information exchange and sharing, and to meet the needs of all kinds of people with disabilities. People's governments at all levels that access the system, all websites realize the accessibility of computer websites, the mobility of websites, government search and accessibility services, as well as intelligent accessibility services such as human-computer voice interaction. At present, China has more than 1000 people's governments in districts and counties to access the system, and more than 30000 government websites have achieved barrier-free services.

Easy reading

Applicable population: people with low vision, culture and reading ability

Online screen reading

Users: blind and severely visually impaired without screen reading software

Accessible client

Solve the difficulties of users accessing the last mile of the website and the access obstacles of some people who cannot use the browser

Product function

Reference case

Zhangjiakou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism

Promote domestic and foreign tourism exchanges and cooperation; Implement relevant national policies on entry-exit tourism, To organize and guide inbound tourism and outbound (outbound) tourism of urban citizens.

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Zhangjiakou Disabled Persons' Federation

In December 2019, it was awarded the title of "2015-2018 National Advanced Unit of Sports for Disabled Persons".

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Zhangjiakou Office Affairs Bureau

Brief introduction: Zhangjiakou Municipal Office Affairs Bureau, a newly established unit of Zhangjiakou Municipal Institutional Reform in 2018, is a constituent department of Zhangjiakou Municipal People's Government.

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Zhangjiakou Market Supervision and Administration Bureau

To be responsible for the administration of industry and commerce under its jurisdiction, and organize various market supervision and administrative law enforcement according to law

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Zhangjiakou Municipal Bureau of Education

Implement the policies, regulations and regulations of the Party and the state on education and the major decisions of the municipal party committee and the municipal government on education; To guide the reform and development of schools and affiliated institutions.

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